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NETSTAIRS Interactive Platforms are made for Real-Time Services. 

"Branded Clean Room" lets influencers, and brands in Real-Time connect with shoppers without other 3rd party advertisement noise.  Defined by Forrester Research as "First Party Data", iCDN.VIDEO brings unparalleled user-experience to transition from a broadcast 2D ultra-low latency stream and morph into immersive 2D, 3D, METAVERSE, and yes even Hologram. Streaming services have surpassed social media.  Eliminate 3rd Party unwanted ads.  Arrange your own "Clean Rooms" with the "First Party Data" and grant access to loyal shoppers - a direct way to interact .  DMRs come with a variety of flavors.  Set one or more DMR as Open-House and or as Private.  All secured while reducing other advertisers noise - connecting you, the eyeballs and content together. Make your brand stands out - in Real-Time - with the interactive Digital Media Rooms / Channels [iDMC/iDMR].  schedule a demo.